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Pitch x Elsa by wendymeg
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Queen Elsa
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Kozmotis and Elisabeth Pitchiner -Snow-Queen-Scene by LeiaScissorhands15
Black Ice 4 by silverwings1986
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PITCH AND ELSA BEBIES! by Livyscissorelf
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:blackrose: :snowflake: *ҒRIGID-DΔRҜΠΣSS-ҒC* :snowflake: :blackrose:

"What goes together better than cold and dark?"
This is a group dedicated to the ship of Pitch Black X Elsa, or Frigid Darkness (BlackIce was taken ;)). Here we show our love for the headcanon-ly tragic romance of two beautiful, complicated characters, and invite you to submit your work on them!

:snowflake: RULΣS :snowflake:

:bulletblack: There aren't many, just be civil. If you don't get this pairing, keep an open mind and respect those who do.

:bulletblack: Put your artwork in the folders they correspond to. Pitch x Elsa art goes in the featured folder

:bulletblack: and Enjoy! It's a fanclub, meant for loving fans.

Thanks for stopping by!

:snowflake: Please submit ONLY Pitch x Elsa works to the featured folder. The rest (just Pitch, just Elsa, group works) go in their designated folders! :snowflake:

We Love Elsa by stampsnstuff :thumb339367026:
Pitch's fan stamp. by ragefton F: Elsa Dramatic Exit Stamp by randomkiwibirds
Stamp elsa frozen by HavickArt Stamp: Pitch Dancing by StephDragonness
ROTG - Pitch Black by tavington Frozen: Elsa by Mari945



If you've never come across this ship before, you're probably wondering what it is we're thinking here. Well, there are plenty of reasons why frigid-darkness shippers ship this pairing. Here are some that personally got me into Pitch X Elsa:

~ The "Cold and Dark" quote:
           For quite a few people including myself, this quote by pitch is what first made this pairing a possibility in our imaginations. "What goes together better than cold and dark?", though said to Jack Frost, teased my brain into putting him and this new icy princess together as an interesting pairing.

~ Their personalities:
           Pitch, the clever, sadistic, nightmare king. Elsa, the regal, selfless, elegant snow queen. I don't know about others, but to me they both have this level of maturity and downright sexiness that just works for each other. Elsa would have her tall, poised, devillish king who could take her level of maturity, and Pitch would have the graceful and slightly sassy queen to keep up with him. Plus her selfless, goodhearted nature could totally make for a story about looking deeper than appearances.

~ "The Black Hearts Ball" by wynteralchemyst:
           This fanfic takes the cake on converting me to the frigid-darkness ship. It really brought together how their circumstances and experiences would make them compatible. It works with the fact that, to some extent, they've both been alone, and they've both been feared, even finding freedom and release in that fact. It made it plausible that Pitch would be interested in Elsa because of her even fractional understanding of what he's felt being inevitably feared for so long, and that Elsa would feel drawn to him for that same fact.

~ Their backstories:
           Before Rise of the Guardians, there was a novel called Guardians of Childhood. In this novel (which I just learned about recently) there is apparently an entire backstory to Pitch Black beyond what is even grazed upon in the movie. In the "Golden Ages", he was once an elegant and respected general by the name of Kozmotis Pitchiner, with a wife and daughter he loved very much. He helped in the fight against these evil things called Fearlings, and stood guard of the prison where they were eventually kept. But in a tragic turn of events the Fearlings played with Pitchiner's love for his daughter and fooled him into believing she were there inside their prison with them. Desperate and worn, he opened the prison gates and released the Fearlings, who possessed and consumed him. In their vengefulness they, as Pitch, went around taking the happiness of innocent children by giving them nightmares. (or so I understand).
           Basically, he wasn't all that bad. Not on purpose. He was selfless and cared for his loved ones, much like Elsa was for Anna. It's because of who they were/became that they were feared and isolated, and I think that's the depth and complexity that would make these two as a pairing so tragically beautiful. Maybe, Elsa (who isn't as far gone as Pitch) could remind him of what it was to love or be loved, or some other wonderfully cheesy stuff.

And there you have it. A few of the reasons why I've come to see these two as a kicking pairing.
Note: It's not meant to force this view on anyone; it's just to lend some insight into what some of us are thinking when we ship them.

Thanks for reading! Comment below with any insights or questions and we can talk about it.
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